Why do you call yourselves The Vibrant Drift?

When Mire was still new, I frequented a lot of Tulpa forums. It felt a bit awkward to call myself "The x System" or anything similar, so I came up with this! The "Vibrant" part was based around rainbow, since they have vibrant colors in art. The "Drift" part comes from the name for a group of pigs; I just thought it sounded cool.

Are you a tulpagenic system?

We really aren't sure, nor do we care. We usually just default to mixed- or unknown- origin, or just don't bother labeling it at all when talking about it.

What does your headspace look like?

It's a decently-sized island in the middle of an ocean. Large, iron gates surround the island about 200-300 feet into the water. These gates go all the way down to the ocean floor and are about as tall as a skyscraper above water. The island itself is mostly dense, green jungle (think the Amazon or the Congo) with a small, pink-sand beach on the right side. Our house looks like a small beach house on the inside, but it's much bigger on the inside. Everybody has their own bedroom which they've decorated and made to their liking. When a driftmate goes dormant, their door disappears until they wake up again, if they do.

How should others refer to you?

As a collective, we usually go by Kevin's name and it's public pronouns. We'd prefer if you used those in a public, offline space with us no matter the context. Online, however, please refer to each individual with their own name and pronouns.

Can others ask for specific driftmates to front? Can others ask who's fronting?

Yes to both. To answer the first in more detail, however: We can't always guarantee that who you want to front will be able to or even want to. Be respectful if they can't or don't want to talk right now.

Do you all age up on the body's birthday?

Kevin is the only one who ages up, the rest of us have "birthdays" but do not get older or younger.

Do you mind if people ask more questions than what's on here?

Yes, and if it's a question I like or think is important I'll try to add it here to the FAQ when I get a chance.