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System - A system is the collection of people and entities, often called headmates, that share a single physical plural body.

Headspace - A headspace (also known as inner world or wonderland) is a place that members of a system can visit or inhabit, where they can talk to other headmates.

Driftmates / Headmates - A headmate is a singular person or entity in a plural system or collective.

Mixed Origin - Mixed origin refers to a system that has multiple different system origins. This could be because their system formed from a combination of factors, or that not all of their headmates are of the same origin.

Tulpagenic - Parogenic refers to systems or headmates that were created using thought-based or metaphysical means, usually deliberately. Also called Parogenic

Little - A little is a headmate that behaves or otherwise feels like they are a young age.

Host - A host is the headmate who is most active, most responsible for day-to-day activities, or otherwise is fronting most often.

Tulpa - A headmate that is created deliberately through tulpamancy.